Leverage the untold stories of your consumers

Create high quality UGC for your brand

Maximise your pitch with our agile insights

Who we are

At Peek we help you capture real-life as it happens, delivering authentic consumer and patient generated stories and insights straight from the source to drive and amplify your message, deliver tactical insights, strengthen your pitch narrative or illuminate your audience segmentation.

Our bespoke approach gives you access to real people anywhere in world, working remotely to curate and direct high-quality content that can be used tactically to inform pressing research questions, or strategically to develop your content plan.

With backgrounds in research and production, we channel our instincts into bringing these compelling messages to life, illuminating the experiences of real audiences to produce insightful content that is relatable, provocative and truly influential.

With expertise spanning consumer, B2B and healthcare, we understand the impact that real consumer content and insights can bring to your brand.

What we do

Our expertise is in real people. On any given project, we are able to recruit the right individuals to your brief and then engage with them to share their stories with us and create powerful and insightful content.

With mobile technology at the core of our approach, geography is no obstacle when it comes to engaging your audience.

To date our multi-lingual team has worked in over 30 countries, and we ensure that no detail is lost in translation, providing audiences with close, native language guidance to help them share those experiences that are poignant and relevant to you and your consumer, and that lead to genuine insights.

What we deliver

We deliver bespoke user generated content that you can use to drive word of mouth online or powerfully illustrate the reality of your patient or consumer journey.

Our content is instantly usable and we are adept at working with agencies and end clients to fit in with their roll out plans and we also able to execute the work ourselves.

Working from the high quality video outputs, our insight team deliver compelling, agile and actionable learnings.

Tactical Research
Utilising our mobile first approach for engaging with your target consumers, we can quickly and easily answer tactical questions that your brand has, with high quality video output bringing your key questions to life alongside our thinking which ultimately leads to actionable insights.
Pitch Research
We’ve helped some of the biggest agency names add crucial depth and content to their presentations with audience-curated video content delivered at speed, giving them the edge against the competition.
In the age of the micro-influencer, we know that there is little more powerful than the unbiased opinion of the consumer. With our content, we can capture the voices of your audiences and deliver inspiring testimonials and invaluable advocacy that really speak to today’s consumers.
Segmentation Stories
We collaborate regularly with clients and agencies to further bring to life the story around their consumer base with focused segmentation stories based on the content generated by real consumers